About Us

Bamboo County is your one-stop destination to know more about completely natural remedies for a plethora of common health problems.

Not every health condition is serious and not every aliment requires medical intervention. In many cases, we simply resort to drugs and not necessarily any chalked out treatment. This overdependence on drugs is not a wise approach.

Not only do we become less immune because the drugs hinder the natural growth of antibodies but we also become vulnerable to the horde of side effects that most drugs fail to overcome or avert. You would be surprised to know that there are different types of home remedies for most of our everyday health problems that are completely organic.

At Bamboo County, our focus is on holistic health and how you can remain healthy without exposing yourself to the harmful effects of drugs, whether prescribed or over the counter products.

We share tutorials to illustrate the various home remedies for specific health conditions, from headaches to gastrointestinal issues, skin care to hair problems. Nature has enough resources to attend to our healthcare needs. Not only do we feel better with such home remedies but the processes are stress-free and the pleasure of discovery is itself a great satiation.

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